Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shoulder Arms (1918)



Shoulder Arms is a 1918 silent film directed and starring Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin as his signature Tramp character, is a recruit in the United States army during World War I. After capturing thirteen enemy soldiers by way of "surrounding" them, Charlie gets a pat on the back from the Sergeant (Sydney Chaplin). Later, Charlie is sent to spy on the enemy whilst disguised as a tree. During the venture within enemy lines, he meets a French girl (Edna Purviance), who aids in his mission. While impersonating as an enemy officer, Charlie discovers that his pal, the Sergeant, has been captured by the opposition. Charlie improvises by convincing the enemy soldiers to leave the prisoner in his hands, which they do, and soon enough when no one is looking, Charlie frees his friend. Together, the team of three save the day, capturing the Kaiser (also played by Sydney Chaplin) and turning him over to the U.S. superior officers. Celebration thus ensues, until that is, Charlie is awoken by his fellow soldiers.

Too bad it was all just a dream.

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