Friday, October 9, 2009


Every Friday (If I have the available time) I am going to post about a film. Think of this as a suggestion for your weekend movie watch. This blog is called "It Certainly Was" for a reason, as I plan to spotlight many films from an era where motion pictures were at their finest, and stars at their brightest. Expect biopics to be thrown in now and then. I will keep each post short. If you are like me, you're always trying to find a new classic to watch, and for those who aren't, I hope I can help introduce you to a time that had some great films, that otherwise you might be oblivious to, like I once was.
Stumbling upon the right thing is all it takes.

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  1. Nice site! Like the reviews, especially of the Powell-Loy movies.

    I cordially invite you to check out my classic Hollywood site, "Carole & Co." (as the name implies, its focal point is Carole Lombard, my all-time favorite actress); we've been up for nearly five years. Check us out at