Friday, October 16, 2009

The Time of Their Lives (1946)


One of the better works of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Besides Little Giant, This is the only other film in which the two did not work together as a team. Instead, Costello is partnered up with Marjorie Reynolds; What I thought to be a great pairing as they do so compliment each other quite well. The film starts off at the time of the Revolutionary War. When a Terrible misunderstanding leaves characters Horatio Prim (Costello) and Melody Allen (Reynolds) mistaken for traitors and are spirit bound to that which is known in the film as Danbury acres. 166 years pass before the ghosts have hope of finding the proof needed that will clear their innocent names and free the spirits. Directed by Charles Barton.

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  1. Yes, it works pretty well, doesn't it. Lou is fine, and also Bud is more interesting as a new character. I enjoyed it a lot.